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Recruitment of Tellhow
Department:Power technology company/overseas marketing department
Job title Project manager Primary Function Marketing sales
Job class Non-management personnel Salary range 3,000-8,000RMB
Number of recruit 10 Working locations Nanchang/Shanghai
Gender Male Age range 25-40
Education Bachelor or above
Major Engineering or related major English level Excellent business English
Personality Strong sense of responsibility, full of enterprising Spirit of innovation, good psychological diathesis.
Experience More than two years working experience
Knowledge Mechanical and electrical products, or international trade
Professional ability

1.Good communication ability
2.Being good at office software
3.Proficiency of professional product knowledge
4.Good sales skills

1.Responsible for product sales and customers service,increase market share,ensure the safety of foreign earning.
2.Enhance the company's reputation, submit the market research report
3.Promote the company's image, organize and participate in professional conferences and exhibitions.
4.Basic management job and build customers' archives.
Other description: Adapt to foreign business trip, or long-term work abroad.